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My First Barley (5-6months)

he whole grain barley is enriched with dietary fiber ,vitamins and minerals.It promotes strong bone development for babies.It helps to regulate baby blood pressure.Fights against cancer and prevents heart diseases by maintaining needed chloestrol level.Barley makes your baby stay hydrated.No time to prepare this ?Look out home made ceralc


Barley split or whole

Preparation -1

1.Wash Barley in a bowl with water

2.Boil it in a covered pan with little watter and stir it continously for 10-15 minutes

3.Once its done .Strain water using a strainer leaving barley

4.Feed your baby in feeding bottle

5.If required you can mix it with breast milk


While introducing a new ceral for the first time, always wait three days before switching to the next ceral.If it suits well for your baby then move to next ceral