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Beetroot Puree(7 months)

This colorful root vegetable is rich in vitamin B,vitamin C,folate and fiber.helps to treat fever, constipation, wounds, skin problems occuring with babies.fight against cancer.promotes healthy digestion.Regulates your baby blood pressure.While selecting root vegetables make sure there is no cut on the skin of the vegetable.


Two drops of olive oil
salt 1/2 pinch


1.Peel off the outer hard skin of Beetroot using a peeler

2.Dice into small pieces

3.In a pan sprinkle one drop of olive oil and toast Beetroot pieces and salt for 7-9 minutes

4.Once Beetroot is turned out soft flesh.

5.Cool down to room temperature

6.Using a blender add baby rice and beetroot to make puree

7.Mix it with breast milk or Formula milk if required

8.Serve it to your baby using baby bowl and spoon


While introducing a new vegetable for the first time, always wait three days before switching to the next vegetable.If it suits well for your baby then move to next vegetable