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Funny Figs (7 months)

Figs are rare fresh fruits which is found fresh in few places.For baby always use fresh fig fruits .As the dry figs may be hard for your baby to swallow.This fruit is loaded with high fiber content,potassium,copper and vitamins.It helps to prevent your baby from constipation.Prevents from breast cancer and breast diseases.It helps to strengthen baby bones


Ripe Fresh Figs(little purple shade color)


1.Cut Figs length wise into two pieces

2.Select right Figs which has gentle pressure on touch has smooth and soft texture.

3.Peel off the outer layer using a peeler.

4.Cut fresh fig flesh gently.

5.Using a blender ,blend figs.

6.Mix it with breastmilk or formula milk or cow milk(if non-allergic)

7.This healthy fruit helps to improve haemoglobin level for your baby

8.You can boil whole figs in water and peel off skin ,make it puree and you can serve with milk too


1.If you got dry figs then, soak a fistful of figs in water whole night.

2.peel off figs skin

3.Blend figs using blender and serve for your baby as puree