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Mushy Avocados(6 months)

Avocados are considered to be the worlds best fat fruit.This fruit is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids,vitamin K,vitamin B,vitamin B6,Follate and vitamin E.This fruit helps to prevent your baby from eye diseases.helps to regulates cholestrol level in body.This fruit has monosaturated fatty acids which is easily digestible and considered to be good fat(heart healthy fat).


Ripe Avocado(little brown shade color)


1.Cut Avocado length wise into two pieces

2.Organic avocado is best.select right avocado which has gentle pressure on touch has smooth and soft texture and ripened one.

3.Leave the middle hard shell.

5.Scoop avocado flesh gently.

6.Mash avocado using a masher.

7.Mix it with breastmilk or formula milk or cow milk(if non-allergic)

8.If you bought a big avocado then spray fresh lemon juice in left out avocado fruit and keep it refridgrate for next use

9.If you bought green avocado.then keep for two three days and make it ripe and give your baby