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Pulpy Mango

This Sweet high calorie fruit is available world wide and rich with anti oxidants,potassium,fiber and viatmin K.Prevents baby from bone health issues.anti oxidants helps to keep your baby skin younger.potassium helps in proper function of heart.It helps to prevent baby from cancer.Helps from constipation


Ripe Mango(6 months)


1.Ripe mango can be selected from fresh mango smell which comes from the top layer of mango

2.In most of the places they use chemicals to make mango to become ripe.which are dangerous for baby and may lead to stomach ache.Organic mango is best.

3.Peel off mango skin using a peeler

5.Leave the middle hard core shell.

6.Cut mango into pieces

7.Keep cut mango in steam for 6-9 minutes

8.Once mango becomes soft and tender.Take out from steamer and cool it down

9.Use a blender to blend steamed mango.Serve it in baby bowl with spoon.

10.If required mix it with breast milk or formula milk or cow milk (if non allergic)