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Ripe Lychee(7-8 months)

These are exotic fruits which are rarely available in many places.Lychees are loaded with vitamin C,niacin,follate.promotes your baby hair development.Prevents against cancer.Maintains your baby skin more fresher as ever.Helps in preventing your baby against eye diseases.Lets see how to prepare this


Ripe Lychees


1.Select bright red ripe lychees for your baby

2.Peel off the red lychee skin

3.scoop the translucent white flesh of lychee

5.Leave the middle seed.

6.Steam lychees for 5-6 minutes.

7.You can give raw lychees too .try steamed and raw lychee puree for your baby

8.Once lychees becomes soft and tender.Take out from steamer and cool it down

9.Use a blender to blend steamed lychees.Serve it in baby bowl with spoon.

10.If required mix it with breast milk or formula milk or cow milk (if non allergic)