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Sprouted Homemade Cerlac (6-8 months)

Sprouted HomeMade Cerlac are rich in nutrients since we are making all the cerals to sprout.Once the sprouts starts growing .the protien level of the cerals increases.The energy contained in the seed, grain, nut, or legume is ignited through soaking and sprouting.If no time in doing this try simple homemade cerlac


Millets(Ragi) - 1 cup
Bajra (kambu ) - 1 cup
Horse gram(Kollu) -1/2 cup
Wheat(Aata) - 1 cup
Orange Corn - 1 cup
White Corn - 1 cup
Red / Brown Rice - 1 cup
Green Gram - 1 cup
Chana Dal - 1 cup
Roasted Gram - 1 cup
Moong Dal - 1 cup
Almonds (Badam)- ½ cup
Cashews - ½ cup
Peanut(groundnut) - ½ cup
Cardamom - 2 pods


1.Soak all ingredients in water over night.

2.In the morning strain water and Let it dry in mild sunlight or under air.

3.Dry roast all ingredients seperately in a pan keeping in mild flame

4.Transfer it in a large bowl and bring down to room temperature.

5.Blend all the roasted ingredients in a blender.

6.You can tranfer the cerlac powder into air tight container.

7.Everyday mix four spoons of homemade cerlac with breastmilk or formula milk or just in boiled water and serve your baby.