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My First Apple Puree(6 months)

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" Yes its true apple is rich in antioxidant ,fiber and vitamin C.Fights against cough and cold.prevents againt cancer.helps in keeping you stay fit and slim.Eating apple boost your little baby memory power.Most of the doctor recommend steamed apple as the best baby first fruit food.Lets have a quick view how to make it


Ripe Apple


1.Peel off Apple skin using a peeler.Apple skin is hard for your little one.

2.Nowadays its difficult to get organic apples.so inorder to keep your baby safe from all chemicals.

3.Remove seeds of apple.As seeds of apple contains a chemical called cyanide which is highly dangerous for human.

5.Cut apples into four peices .never cut so small.while steaming all nutrients will go with water.Big pieces always better.

6.Keep this apple in steam for 5-6 minutes

7.Once apple becomes soft.Take out from steamer and cool it down

8.Use a blender to blend steamed apples to soft texture.

9.Serve it in baby bowl with spoon.Always select sweet ripe apple for good taste.You can mix with milk if you like.