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Sweety Pears(6 months)

This ballon shaped fruit is rich in fiber and vitamins.It helps to prevent your baby from heart disease and diabetes.The anti oxidants helps to preserve beauty of baby skin forever.It helps regulate baby bowel movements.Calcium content in pears prevents your baby from osteoporosis.This helps to get relived from vocal problems


Ripe Pears


1.Boil the whole Pears fruit in water for 5-8 minutes

2.Once its soft and done.peel off the skin

3.Remove seeds of Pears.Cut Pears into four peices

4.Use a blender to blend Pears to soft texture.

5.Serve it in baby bowl with spoon.Always select sweet ripe Pears for good taste.You can mix with milk if you like.

6.If you already tried baby rice powder.then you can mix steamed pears with baby rice powder and serve

7.Your baby will enjoy pears sweet flavours