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WheatApple Porridge(7-8 months)

As wheat is rich in fiber helps your baby to digest easily.We are mixing steam apple along with this inorder to make this more delicious.Whole wheat germ always gives you best nutrients for your baby.Reasearchers found that soaking whole grains night helps them to germinate.so that in morning you will get not just seeds instead you will get live wheat germ which is highly nutritious for your growing baby.If you have no time to do this.you can prepare home made ceralc


Wheat whole or wheat powder

Preparation -1

1.Wash and Soak Wheat over night in a bowl with water

2.In Morning use a pan to boil the Wheat along with same water for 8-10 minutes inorder to retain its nutrients

3.Once its done .Mix it with steam Apple

4.use a blender to blend it

5.Serve it to your baby using baby bowl and spoon

Preparation -2

1.Boil wheat powder in a pan with water

2.Stir continouosly for 8-10 minutes

3.Once it becomes silky soft

4.Mix it with steam Apple

5.use a blender to blend it

6.Serve it to your baby using baby bowl and spoon


While introducing a new ceral for the first time, always wait three days before switching to the next ceral.If it suits well for your baby then move to next ceral