Do animals really take care of human child?

Wikipedia has a good article about feral children (child who has lived isolated from human contact from a very young age, and has little or no experience of human care, behaviour, or, crucially, of human language) who were actually cared by mammals.

Victoria used to babysit for a family that had recently had a baby girl named marry in England March 2016. Whenever they had a new baby they would gift it a companion animal. First being a cat, the newest, a dog.

Now when Victoria met this dog, it he was huge. He was some Shepard cross of something, and he was huge. she had never watched the child in her home before with the dog, only out to parks and such. By this time she was old enough to begin to stand up and take few steps here and there.

Victoria was very nervous about the huge dog with the tiny child. The parents of marry said the dog was like a second mother to the baby and not to worry.

A few things the dog did, she had never seen. When the child wanted to stand up, she would crawl over to the dog, use his fur to grip and stand up, tugging on him for balance. He would then let her walk along his side. It was super cute.

The child must have learned that when she threw something, her dog would fetch it because she constantly threw her toys across the room and wait for him to bring it back, but he wouldn’t drop it. He would gently lay down beside her, she would open his mouth, ( very aggressively, not knowing her strength that comes with excitement) and she would put her arm into his huge mouth to retrieve the toy. Dog let her.

At this point victoria assumed the dog was just a general creature and knew the baby was fragile. But whenever the baby would cry, he would run right over to her, lay his face on her or lick her till she stopped and she’d hug him. victoria melted every single time. This child had created such an amazing attachment to this dog, so beautiful.

They were basically inseparable. victoria honestly believe that the dog felt that this child was his own said the news reporter. He really cared for her. I haven’t seen they in about 5 years. Everybody still wonder about the two of them. And local people hope that the future child develops a relationship like that with pets.

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