Your baby poo – what is normal?

Meconium is the first baby poo used to be in greeny-black and its sticky.The first week of baby poo will be made from the amniotic fluid which she took when she was in womb.Once your breast starts producing fore milk and hind milk and the second week baby poo will be in light green to mustard yellow in color. Once your baby starts wee and the number of times baby poo reduces.

Sometimes baby used to pass semi solid poo, which generally will be like curdy and seeds texture.This is also considered to be normal poo. Breast Feeding babies generally pass loose soft poo as its quite normal and the texture may be like a tooth paste.when your baby pass runny poo, then your baby is not constipated but just efficiently absorbing most the solids in your breast milk.

Formula feeding babies generally have green or browny hard poo as it differs from iron or lactose formulas.It smells hard. Formula feeding babies are generally more likely to get constipated than breastfeeding breastmilk is easy to digest


The watery runny foul smelling poo is considered to be diarrhoea. Your baby may poo more often than normal.Diarrhoea happens due to intestinal infection,which may be due to lack of sterilised baby bottles.sometimes you baby formula need to changed to fix this.

Baby around 5-7 months are more prone to diarrhoea,as they will feel the world by putting things into their mouth.Breastfeeding is really safe and prevents from bacterial infection. When your baby is suffering from diarrhoea offer small and frequent drinks. Their body may get dehydrated, offer plenty of liquids in the form of juices or water.


When your baby poo is hard,solid,dry and like a pebble then you can say your baby is constipated. Babies may grunt and have more difficulty in passing poo during this time.Sometimes you can see bright red spots on baby poo and thier bottom skin lining comes along with the poo due to the wider opening.

Formula feeding babies are generally get suffered from constipation as their body loose water content.Offer Plenty of liquids .never mix more water to formula,as it may lead to poor intake of nutrients required by your baby.Make right proportions of formula mix as specified.Offer plain sterilised water after 30-40 mins of every feeding .

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