Is Your Baby Ready For Solids? Know weaning Signs…

9 Weaning Signs

1.Able to hold her head
2.Tongue thrust reflex is gone
3.Doubled the birth weight
4.Interested in Foods
5.Feeling more hungry even after feeding
6.Showing chewing motion
7.Can Sit well with support
8.Starts teething
9.Atleast Six months Old

Getting Started…

Always follow these steps when you start weaning.Weaning should be started when your baby is six months (24 weeks)old. when your baby has the signs to start solid food, you can give few spoons of solid food for your little baby.Always offer single ingredient,mild tasting,easily digestible purees.Try with single ingredient for four to five days while weaning.If your baby seems doing good then move to next ingredient food.never rush up.If your baby has any food allergy.then consult a doctor before starting solids

Why you need to start solid foods?

Introduce Solid foods gradually for your baby from 6 months.Its really important for a development baby to start solids along with breast milk or formula milk in order to meet the body nutrient requirement.From birth till 6 months, baby digestive system was under development if you introduce solids before 6 months it will lead to digestive problems.

Day by day your baby starts growing and their activites increases.moving to solid food really helps your baby to meet energy requirement.It will be fun to taste and enjoy the new flavours of foods during weaning.Try to continue breast feeding along with solids.since breastmilk gives more protection from illness

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