Blood Spots on baby umbilical stump?

New born umbilical cord should be kept all time dry and clean .Apply antiseptic powders or liquids to keep it free from bacterial infections.You can use warm water to clean baby umbilical cord and damp with soft cotton wool .A plastic clip may be attached to the stump after delivery.Always use cotton nappies in the initial days as it will be soft and it wont harm baby umbilical cord.

When does the clamp falls off

If you keep your baby umbilical cord clean and dry.The plastic clamp will fall off in 5-20 days. For some babies it will fall in 3 it heals very fast and leaving a normal baby belly button.

Blood Spots on Umbilical Cord

Sometimes you may see a drop of blood spot in baby umbilical cord.If you experience any smelly discharge of blood,swollen cord,red or black or green spots on baby umbilical cord.Seek doctor support immediately as the infection need to be fixed right away.

Always give time for the umbilical cord to heal naturally.Never pull umbilical cord as it may give severe infections.

Newborn likes to spend most of the time with mother as you are the one and only person your baby can recognise and loves to hear your voice.Newborns generally feel more comfortable with mother,they love to hear your heartbeat while you are holding her close to your body.This skin to skin contact ensures her to feel secure. Newborn spend almost 80% of the time in feeding and sleeping.The only thing you can amuse your baby is by singing or speaking with your baby.

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