How to make breastfeeding comfortable?

Breastfeeding is the first skin to skin contact of you and your baby makes your newborn to feel calm,warm and close to you.This is a natural bonding occurs when your baby starts feeding on your very first thick,concentrated milk called colostrum.This colostrum is rich in essential nutrients and fighting agents (antibodies).When you baby consumes colostrum it rarely wet diapers.may be two or three per day.On the second day you can see liquid milk comes out from your breast which helps your baby to meet healthy weight gain and body development.

Breastfeeding newborn is just like 24 hr work.Since newborn babies have a tiny stomach,breast milk will get easily digested and you need to feed them quiet may get only little sleep.

Benefits of Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding helps you to burn around 500 calories per day which helps to stay fit and get back to shape.It prevents breast cancer.It is very east to feed your baby.No need to wake up in the middle of the night to sterilise feeding bottles.It is really healthy for your baby .Nowadays formulas are costing very high.If you breastfeed you can save your money.You can prevent your baby from most of the common illness occurs with newborn babies.

Make Breast Feeding Comfortable

Every time you try to make bond with your baby with love.Its an opportunity to learn about your baby.Avoid speaking,or doing other activities while breastfeeding.Use nursing bra to feed more easily.Use nursing pads or cotton pads to avoid leaking milk.Baby blues are the most common thing happening on the first few weeks.Cuddle your baby and comfort her.So that after feeding they will rest calm and sleep well.Take warm showers to relax your body.Use coconut oil or ointments to get rid of sore nipples.Latch your baby correctly in every feeding session.Improper latching and Sore nipples make breast feeding worse. Sit on a comfortable position when you starts feeding as you need to stretch for a long time.

Day by day babies learn to feed well.Breastfeeding will sooner be comfortable.Try not to give up.Since once your supply goes down you can never get it up.

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