Do i need a pacifier?

Your baby may cry a lot during early days.know the reason behind baby crying helps you to handle your baby easily.Most of the friends suggest you to use pacifiers to calm your baby.You need to choose silicone rubber pacifiers and never add sweetening agent with pacifiers it may lead to tooth decay.Its really difficult for some babies to get rid of pacifiers as they are practised.

What you need to know?

Using pacifiers ideally affect your breast milk supply,as the more sucking generates more milk.If your baby starts sucking on pacifier,they spend less time with breast.Some babies used to confuse between pacifiers and breast nipples.Expressing milk may help you to cope this.still you wont be getting time to do expressing milk as your baby makes you busy with feeding.

Never force your baby to use pacifiers for your preference.Never offer a pacifier to delay baby feeding,Always offer it once your baby is completely full.Never tie a pacifier any where along with baby or in the crib.It may harm while sleeping.Always sterilise before giving to baby. Never use saliva to clean baby pacifiers as it contains thousands and thousands of micro germs.

There are plenty of different types of pacifiers available in market.Prefer to use a silicone rubber pacifiers as it is long lasting,heat tolerance and dish washer safe.some pacifier shields are in nipple shape,some may be curved towards baby mouth and flat.Prefer the one which is suitable for your baby.

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