Get rid of postpartum depression – new moms

Are you a new mom who is suffering from postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression and anxiety can begin any time during the first two months after you give birth.Ten Symptoms includes:

1.Irritability or Anxiety
2.Difficulty in concentrating
4.Crying and worrying
5.Anger and intolerance
6.Negative feelings along with sadness, hopelessness and guilt
7.Loss of interest in everyday activites
8.Difficulty in getting sleep
9.Fatigue and feeling exhausted
10.Changes in eating habits


How to get rid of postpartum depression?

These are some ways listed down to take care yourself when you’re suffering from postpartum depression

1.Be good to yourself. Make sure your basic needs like food and sleep are met at right time . Try to fall sleep at proper time and eat well, and try not to think too much. Every mother love their child,so don’t feel guilty. Once you feel better, these feelings will diminish.Always take care of yourself much more better.

2.Ask for support.In this difficult time you must grab helps from cooks,friends,laundry.You may go and leisure few hours everyday.This will make you feel more better.

3.Share your feelings. If you dint have trusted friends .join in support groups and local moms club.You will be really pleased about so many moms experiencing same depression.If you have a good partner,then take his support too.Go along with your baby for a movie.Never neglect your outdoors activities. It will always boost your mind and power.

4.Get some rest. newborn baby need to be pampered 24/7.And this rigours effort will make feel exhausted.If you are breastfeeding then its really need to take lot many rest.You can ask help from neighbours and relatives to take care of baby for few hours. You can hire a postpartum Douala or a baby sitter who is much more experienced with handling newborns.

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