How to give a baby bath & clip nails?

Some newborns like to take bath.If your environment temperature is too high then, your baby more likely to take bath to keep himself cool.After 1 week from birth time,you can start giving bath in water.Use a baby bath bed or a baby bath tub filled with warm water around 38° Celsius. Initially you may feel nervous to give newborn baby bath.Since they are soft and slippery in water and they have no head support.As you practice two- three times you will feel more comfortable .It will become a fun to give for your baby.Early Care helps you to keep stay away from infections.

Making Bathing Arrangements

Never give bath immediately after feeding,Always check your baby condition before starting bath.If you try to give bath when your baby is overtired or sleepy.Then it may end up with messy crying baby while bathing.Playing music or talking with your baby makes bathing environment more pleasant for your newborn

How to clean Hair and Face ?

Keep the room temperature warm to avoid chillness and shivering during bathing.Undress your baby and wrap her body with a towel and let you wash hair and face quickly.Do the same way as topping and tailing to clean baby face.Use a mild liquid cleanser to clean baby hair and rinse quickly in bath tub or a bowl with water.Washing baby hair once in a week is more than enough to keep it clean

How to clean Body ?

Slip your baby in bath tub so that the water level covers till her shoulder and let her head be in raised position than body and support her with one hand.Use a mild cleanser and pour water gently to remove dirt’s

When to use baby bath sponge ?

You can start using baby bathing sponge once vernix is completely removed from baby skin.It may take 1- 2 weeks time.Use a soft sponge and rub from back and front ,top to down on baby body.Never use hard soaps ,as it may remove moisture from baby skin.

How to dry baby after bath ?

Lift your baby gently from bath tub by supporting her head with one had and other hand supporting her back and wrap her with a clean towel and remove all spots of water.Dry your baby quick so she doesn’t get cold

How to Clip Baby Nails?

New Born nails grow too fast.They may scratch their body while moving unknowingly.Always trim your baby hand and leg nails once a week after bath.The ideal time for trimming baby nails is feeding or sleeping.Use baby scissors and clippers to clip nails.Always leave a small portion of white nail while trimming

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