How to stop baby crying?

Newborn babies are very difficult to understand. Baby crying for different reasons every time.No one can find the exact point why do baby cry.but there are common needs required by most of the babies.


Offer milk or food for your baby.Hunger is the most common reason for baby crying.some babies wanted to suck for comfort and want to sleep,if this is the case ,offer a pacifier.Never get over tired by feeding baby who is not at all hungry.

Nappy Change

Some babies stop crying after changing nappy,as the wet diaper makes your baby feel uncomfortable and fussy.


Some babies want to have fun.If the environment looks uninteresting your baby may get bored and start crying.Rock on birthing ball,offer some colourful toys ,play music.


Your baby should get right amount of sleep required by baby at every month.If she dint get that many hours sleep.Your baby may get overtired and cry.

Secure and comfort

Babies like to held,Give a gentle massage ,cuddle her ,swaddle her by humming songs.As they weird rolled and curled inside mother womb ,they like to be wrapped using a towel or sling.Most of the newborn sleep while sucking.Let your baby stay calm nurse her for comfort.


Make sure your room temperature is within 18-23° Celsius your room temperature is hot ,give a gentle bath or just help your baby by topping and tailing.If its very chill,wear thick clothes to wrap your baby to feel comfortable.

Colic /Wind /Burp

Did your baby is burp after feeding.some babies cry a lot. If you lift and rub gently on back they burp and sleep quietly.


If your baby is suffering from gas problems offer colic drops

Raise in temperature

If your baby body temperature increases and feeling discomfort they may cry ,check with doctor for illness.Its almost impossible to sooth a ill baby by mothers.

Trial and error method works well and soon you will learn from it.Be patient stay relax ,never get exhausted by having a crying baby.Take a break by placing your baby in cot for a while.

Stay are not alone,all new moms face this problem,no one is perfect and practice makes things perfect.

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