How to lift and encourage one week old newborns?

Newborn babies has no head control. You must keep a hand to support baby head and another hand to support baby body and consciously lift newborns slowly.Always keep your baby close to your body while lifting.Generally newborn loves to see mothers face and lifting on left hand is having another advantage that your little one can hear your heartbeat.Most of the newborn loves facing down lifting position.By gently placing your arm with her head placed near elbow and bring another hand in between her legs and let your two hand fingers touch each other by supporting baby front body.

You can even hold her in your shoulders for the first few months .This helps your baby to burp and release winds .Use one hand to support her head.In Whatever position you lift your baby.supporting head is mandatory until six months of time.If your baby is premature then supporting till eight months may be every baby develops in unique way.

Encourage your Newborn

Gently move your fingers against baby body.this helps to build sensual development.Play with her using finger puppets.Use different shapes of rattles to play with with varying mild to heavy baby rattles sounds.rattles are the best choice.Sing music to baby.she loves listening music/songs.make a story time for your little one.she loves mom voice and eager to hear your voice.Make sounds from various directions.helps to develop sense of hearing.slowly move some objects close to your baby within 10 inches distance.which helps to build motor development

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