How To Establish Good Sleep Pattern?

New born babies sleep almost through the day during the first week.Generally newborns used to wake up for every one hour or two hour for feeds.As they have tiny stomach and breast milk will get digested easily.Your baby remained so safe and covered inside your womb.Most of the new born babies like to be wrapped with baby blankets as they feel so secured.In this week you can see some jerky movements in hands and legs as it will subside in 4-5 weeks time

Mother sleep will be affected during these days.Lack of sleep may turn your mood to irritated and upset.Researchers found that baby can sense mothers feeling.Avoid over tiredness.Take 6-7 small naps during day and night time which really helps you.

New Born Sleeping Pattern

Most of the babies sleep throughout the day and wake up during night time.Babies can sleep even between noises.But if they heard any sudden loud alarm they may wake up in the middle of sleep.Babies who used to stay active inside mothers womb continue to stay awake after birth.It generally varies.

After 5-6 weeks of time your baby can distinguish between day and night time.Babies tend to sleep with eyes open during these period called REM sleep. Newborn sleep pattern is very short as they can’t continue sleep for more than hours.After 5-6 weeks you can practice sleeping patterns for your baby,as they tend to be little awake in day time and sleep in night time including night time feeds

Best Sleeping Practice

Help your baby to fall sleep on her own.Never do too much swaddling,keeping in your hand for a long time.Keep dim light during night time.Never make huge noises and avoid encouraging speaking during night time.

In the day time keep your baby active and play with her.Always maintain room temperature around 18-20°C.Never cover baby face with blankets.Ensure that your baby sleeps on her back to reduce the risk of SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Never Let your baby to overtired.It will make them cranky and falling back to sleep will be more difficult.Always check for sleeping symptoms like rubbing eyes,crying,yawing ,stretching,lost interest in environment.

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