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Baby Pomegranate(6 months)

Bright red Pomegranate fruit loaded with high levels of flavonoids and polyphenols, potent antioxidants .Its coonsidered to be rare fruits in some places.It helps to boost memory power for your baby .Prevents against heart disease and cancer.Treats fungal and bacterial baby infections


Ripe Pomegranate


1.Select fresh pomegranate which are bright red in color

2.Always select well ripened big fruit for its sweetness and delicious taste

3.Cut whole pomegranate and take out red seeds

4.Leave the mild yellow skin.which gives a bitter taste in your baby food.which most of the babies dont prefer to eat.

5.Using a blender ,blend pomegranates

6.Use a strainer and get pomegranate juice

7.Mix it with baby rice.

8.If required you can add breast milk or formula milk along with this

9.Serve it to your baby using bowl and spoon