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Baby Banana(6 months)

This Yellow fruit is available world wide and widely called as the first fruit which is rich in potassium helps to maintain proper blood pressure in your little baby body.Banana helps your baby to recover from Diarrhea.It has the ability to boost your baby memory power.Lets view how to prepare Baby banana recipe


Ripe Banana


1.Peel off the banana

2.Organic banana or farm banana is best.select ripened banana which is has smooth and soft texture

3.Cut banana into pieces

5.Using a masher .mash banana pieces.

6.Never use blender for banana.as it might spoil the original taste of banana.

7.Serve it immediately for your little one

8.Baby loves to eat this soft sweet fruit as its really delicious.If required you can mix with milk

9.Never keep the left over banana for next feed.it will turn black and watery,which is not at all good for your little one.