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Berry Berry(7 months)

Berries which are rich source of anti oxidants help your baby in brain development.helps your baby from diabetes.helps to maintain stress level.Berries are available in different forms.As its good to introduce berries slowly for babies due to allergic reactions over baby skin.Preferably blueberries are good for baby.as it is very less allergic to babies.


Ripe Berry


1.Select fresh blueberries which are deep blue in color

2.Use a pan to boil water

3.Put whole blue berries into boiling water

4.Let it boil for 10 minutes

5.Once its soft .Cool down to room temperature

6.Using a blender .make it puree

7.Serve for your little one by mixing with breast milk or formula milk

8.You can try strawberry,raspberries,canaberries later .once your baby seems doing good with blueberry.

9.If any allergic reactions persits seek doctor advice immediately.