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I will attempt to write in and succinct and this brief a deadline of what happened, for clear understanding, signs and details provided during the article. 200 million BCH in finance. 3 hours of mods. After that cause of the elimination given, I’d something to go from to repost it so that the article will be in the sub’s”criteria” so that it will not get eliminated. Then at some stage between my article Nov 20 14:51:26 UTC and today, the article has been removed (censored). As is obvious, r/cryptocurrency censored the article than to jump some other articles about Bitcoin Cash which are great news. This has occurred many times previously.

I do not feel like spending time with this digging up the maintains and specifics, but I’m positive community members here would post anything they have whenever they desire. The purpose is, censorship is still occurring on r/cryptocurrency nevertheless and has previously along with the mods that there (not sure who) is obviously bias and trying all they can to satisfy exceptional interests (being their own or other people ). Edit: Aaaaand such as for questioning the mods this, I had been prohibited! You’ve been prohibited from engaging in r/CryptoCurrency. This ban will survive for 30 days. It is still possible to see and join to r/CryptoCurrency, however you will not have the ability to comment or post. Simple posts to pictures don’t count as quality. We’re unable to filter to test for analysis on resources. Please make certain to post the true source as your article itself if you’re creating a post that wants a supply. Making removal up motives is tolerated .

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