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ChickPeas Puree(7-8 months)

Chikpeas Or channa are the most delicious food and used all over the world.The essential nutrients present in channa helps in baby hair growth.your baby stays full and active.It helps to build strong muscles for your little one.If you have no time to do this.you can prepare home made ceralc


ChickPeas / Channa - 1 cup
Onion small - 1 spoon
Salt to taste
Grated coconut- 1 spoon
Olive oil - two drops

Preparation -1

1.Wash and Soak ChickPeas over night in a bowl with water

2.In Morning Pressure cook chickpeas with salt for 5-6 minutes

3.use a pan add few drops of olive oil.

4.Roast 1 spoon of onion.

5.Add chickpeas and 1 spoon of grated coconut to it

6.Blend it using a blender

7.Serve it to your baby using baby bowl and spoon


While introducing a new ceral for the first time, always wait three days before switching to the next ceral.If it suits well for your baby then move to next ceral