Top 5 Street Foods you must try

1.Potato Screw

potato screw
Its a most common street food in Seoul where the Hot dog potato is screwed on a stick.The potato is deep fried down to the stick and makes the best delightful street food!

2. Wafles



This is one of the best street food in New York which will change your life. You must try atleast once these strawberry wafles in your life time.

3.Moo Ping

Moo Ping

Moo ping is Thai food.Most of the people living in Thailand has benefits to this Moo Ping and is just extremely popular due to its flavour.

4.Mexican Corn

Mexican corn

Mexican Corn has its rich value in its deep flavour and authentic Mexican filling taste.Many of the street vendors used to sell this corn and it fulfils taste buds.


Hotteok is just absolutely Heavenly to taste.Its a sweet Korean food.In which the pancake is filled with oozing melted brown sugar ,nuts and cinnamon.

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