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Custard Apple(6 months)

Custard apple is very nutrious for baby which is loaded with riboflamin,vitanmin B2,viatmin A,vitamin C and anti oxidants.It helps in hair growth for your little one.It prevent your baby eyes from eye diseases.Helps in digestion process for your baby.Helps in healing wounds and scars.Its really time taking process to prepare custard apple recipe for baby.but Most of the babies love the taste.


Ripe Custard Apple


1.Select ripe Custard apple which has big partition layers on its skin

2.Open custard apple and collect only the white flesh leaving seeds

3.Blend custard apple flesh in a blender

4.Make it puree and serve your baby

5.Custard Apple can be mixed with baby formula milk or breastmilk

6.Serve it to your baby using baby bowl and spoon