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EveryDay Cerlac (6-8 months)

One day cerlac preparation helps you to stay free for six months and helps your child to gain sufficient nutrients which is neccessary for everyday development.If you have enough time then you can prepare Sprouted Homemade Cerlac which is yet more nutritious than this


Millets(Ragi) - 1 cup
Rice-1 cup
Moong Dal -1 cup


1.Dry roast Millets,Rice,MoongDal seperately in a pan keeping in mild flame

2.Transfer it in a large bowl and bring down to room temperature.

3.Blend all the roasted ingredients in a blender.

4.You can tranfer the cerlac powder into air tight container.

5.Everyday mix four spoons of homemade cerlac with breastmilk or formula milk or just in boiled water and serve your baby.
6.Millets will give your baby irons,Rice gives carbohydrates,Dal gives proteins.