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EggPlant Puree(7-8 months)

Eggplant (brinjal) is loaded with fiber, vitamin B1, and copper. It is a good source of manganese, vitamin B6, niacin, potassium, folate, and vitamin K.Helps to maintain a healthy digestive system in babies.Prevent your baby from tumors.Generally too much consumption of eggplant is considered to make brain activites slower.so try little for your baby




1.Select fresh organic eggplant

2.In a pan put eggplants and boil it with water for 10-15 minutes

3.Always make sure your eggplants is boiled properly in a soft mushy form.

4.Uncooked eggplants leaves stains on your baby teeth.

5.Strain water.Cool eggplant down to room temperature

6.Peel off the skin

7.Mix it with yogurt 8.Using a blender make it puree

9.Serve it to your baby using baby bowl and spoon


While introducing a new vegetable for the first time, always wait three days before switching to the next vegetable.If it suits well for your baby then move to next vegetable