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Grand Grapes(6 months)

Grapes is loaded with low glycemic index and contains the hormone and antioxidant melatonin, and dry grapes(rasins) are rich in iron.Eating grapes improves brain power for your baby,fights against baby skin diseases by protecting from harmful radiations.prevents your baby from heart disease and cancer.


Ripe Grapes or rasins


1.Grapes are available in three colors.All are good for your little baby.seedless organic grapes are best and easy to prepare

2.You need to peel off grapes.its tedious task.All fruits skin are loaded with nutrients.but your new born cant digest hard skin.

3.Boil fresh seedless grapes in boiling water for 10 minutes.

5.Allow to become tender and soft

4.Peel off the skin and make it puree in blender

5.Mix it with baby rice and Serve it to your baby


1.If your grapes contains seeds

2.Blend grapes in a blender

3.Using a strainer remove residue and filter grape juice

4.Mix it with avocado and serve your baby


1.If you got rasins then, soak a fistful of rasins in water whole night.

2.Blend rasins using a blender

3.Mix it with breast milk or formula milk and serve for your baby as puree