Healthy Everyday Detox Smoothie

A Healthy smoothie is a thick beverage which is made up of blended fruit along with vegetables and sweetened agents.A good Smoothie will keep you stay full and give enough amount of right calories to your body.There are certain

berries-kiwi-smoothie Berries Kiwi Smoothie is a mix up of strawberry , raspberry and blueberries blended together with kiwi to make a delicious smoothie.

Coldbuster Immunity Boosting Smoothie Coldbuster Immunity Boosting Smoothie is very good to boost your immunity power.since its made with pine apple and peach.

Peach Green Tea Smoothie Peach Green Tea Smoothie refreshes your body and gives freshness throughout the day.Its Yummy and healthy too.

Strawberry-mango-smoothie Strawberry mango smoothie is fibre rich.It aids good digestion and anti oxidants keeps your skin healthy.

strawberry-spinach-smoothie strawberry spinach smoothie is enriched with iron and vitamin C.It gives a good flavour and taste when blended together with oranges and bananas.

Sunrise Detox Smoothie
Detox smoothies are the tasty and healthy way to sort and reset your body after overindulging from the weekends, jump to start weight loss from this Sunrise Detox Smoothie.

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