Top 10 Healthy Sooper Food

Nature has gifted with choicest and delicious food variety for living beings.Eating the healthy sooper foods makes your life more liveable.


fruits-babyandnames Nature’s Wonderful gift to mankind is nothing but Fruits.Eating whole fruits, dried fruits, frozen and unsweetened fruit juices helps your body to function 100% effectively well and prevents from 90% of disease.


Nuts are agreed widely as energy boosting snack around the world.Its packed with Proteins, Essential good fats and fibre.Eating nuts along with food Keeps heart healthy, supports immunity, helps to heal wounds and reduces bad cholesterol level in body


Bright Green Spinach is considered as the worlds healthiest food.Spinach is a rich source of vitamin C,vitamin K,Follate and iron has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits.

4.Dairy Products

Dairy Products babyandnames
Calcium rich dairy products help to build strong bones mass and improves bone health over time.Everyday intake of dairy products keep you stay away from osteoporosis,bad cholesterol and type 2 diabetes .Consumption of low-fat dairy products lowers blood pressure level in body.

5.Lean Meats

Lean Meats babyandnames
Lean meats are the rich source of protein ,iron and B-Complex Vitamins.Eating Lean meats helps you to repair damaged cells in body,Keep your blood healthier, relives from stress and prevents diabetes.

6.Oily Fish


The long chain omega 3 Fatty acids are rich in oily fish like salmon,rainbow tuna,sardines and mackerel.Eating two portions of oily fish a week reduce the risk of heart attacks, aids brain development, prevents cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.


Spices are added in food from centuries which has a vast range of health benefits like… treating colds,hangover,stomach upset,painful menstruation, gingivitis, preventing stroke,mild fever and also aids in weight loss



Herbs are prized from ancient days due to its rich flavour and for their healing power.Many studies reveal that herbs helps to regulate the body sugar level ,reduces cholesterol and maintains blood pressure.Essential oils from herbs helps to treat rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel conditions



Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound enriched sesame oil and monounsaturated fatty acid enriched olive oil are good for heart and stomach ulcers.Sunflower oil is rich in Polyunsaturated fatty acids which are not good for health.monounsaturated fats and vitamin K enriched avacoda oils are not good for eating rather doing everyday massage helps to keep skin softer and younger as ever without wrinkles



Eight ounce of water everyday keeps you stay hydrated.It treats constipation, diarrhoea and headache.It reduces the risk of kidney stone formation,Relives from hangover and dizziness.It greatly helps to shed weight in no time.

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