Common mistakes women does on dating

Be Open Minded

Dont let him to become your universe.If you do so,soon he will lose interest on you. he will most likely feel smothered!Mens get attracted by passionate women who can live independently in all situations.If you start noticing him you may start losing all your capabilities to grow.To have a healthy long run love life be open minded and do your own thing.

Dont Call him everyday

Women generally have the intention that men should come behind her all the time. staying in touch is something different in men’s world.  If you call him constantly everyday to “just check in” then the chances are high that he may feel desperate and he will lose interest on you. Instead wait until he calls you for a date. It makes your relationship to build longer.

Dont OverJudge

Before getting knowing him completely don’t assume and over judge about the situation. Whether you know him from online or from your friends circle, aim to drop the things you know about them and start fresh. Trust your intuition. If your intuition says he is cool then don’t ignore him.

Watch ‘what you eat?’

The food volume and choices says about your character.Food-ology says that who dine slowly are mostly used to be stubborn.person who eats one food at a time are most likely to be less flexible.Even if you are in great hunger,never order too much food.

Look into his Eyes

Making eye contact with a woman can show lot many variety of interest. If a man is looking into women eyes throughout the entire date then he may be gentle in manners. If Men stares your body or some other women’s around the date place. Then he may be less interested on you or he may be a flirt. If you found someone is imperfect for you. Never wait to throughout them out of your life. Spending time with them will be useless and nonsense at the end.

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