Top Hot dating tips for men

It will always look to be a frustration game when it comes to the dating, as we say the first date with future partner. But here are the five selected tricks which help to win it like a charm.

1.Master your Manners

A little etiquette goes a long way,so don’t forget your manners.If she dress up well ,express that to her.May be you can help her to get inside your car by opening the door.offer your arm when she get down.Never do too too much may spoil your love in long run.

2.Stay Confident

Every one tends to look nervous on the first date.but make sure your are in the comfortable zone .keep your first date short and sweet.Say what you mean.Be specific about the topic and express them confidently.dont jump straight toward sexual conclusions.

3.Be Prepared

Your ripped jeans and Unshaved Beard may be lucky for you.but while you are gonna meet your princess.Your first impression matters a lot.Its not required to wear a full tuxedo but putting on smart clothing and a clean shave with a comfortable shoes goes well.The tendency of the girls is to remember the pride first look.
When it comes to order the food.keep it casual and simple.Never try to order something you never tried before or that is tricky to eat.

4.Center of attention

Remember, you should always pay attention.when you are on a date with someone,carefull listening is very important,as it shows you are interested in her.Keep conversations fun and short.dont make the first date boring by speaking something serious as you get lot more opportunities to share your stories in future. Never give importance to phone ringing. Turn off your mobile before your princess as it ensures her that your focus is on only with her. Make right eye contact with your dating person. If you look around someone or mobile, then your date will never workout.

5.Offer to Pay

Nowadays it’s perfectly common to see both offers to pay. On your first date insist her that it’s you are giving party for her and she can pay for the next date. But never force. Quibbling with who should pay up the bill may not be advisable.

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