Great Options To Invest Money

1. Lending Clubs

Peer-to-peer lending takes the middle person–- the banker –- to the lending person. Basically, that means a higher sum of money returns to the investor and a lower rate and fees to the borrower. Lending Clubs are generally less expensive for the borrower.Lenders may start out with a small amount initially and gradually increase the money.If they are willing to lend as their confidence in the company grows.It mainly depends on the level of risk you’re comfortable with as the company growth.

You can start this with Lending Club or a Prosper, with no more than $20.Peer-to-Peer Lending is not available in most of the states around the world.

2. Gold/Platinum/Silver

Investing money with Precious metals especially gold gives you a good return.It looks to be so speculative as they only respond in the positive way of certain market conditions.we never know exactly when those transitions will occur like when the gold rate will raise or fall.But its really a wise idea to invest a part of money in precious metal.As if suddenly an economical collapse happens.Then definitely these precious metals will save your life.

3. Pay Down Debt

This one sounds really a great idea and yet simple too.While paying off a credit card,where you are paying 5 %interest,that would become equivalent of getting 5% pay in return,when the same amount is invested in some other asset. But this idea is even the better one. You will never get income tax problems by pay out the debt. Thus,Paying the debt will give you guaranteed return with zero risk.This is very good investment for a person who is having debt.

4.Real Estate

As the name says,its the “real asset”.It is the physical property which carries its own value.It can greatly be used for economic purposes like building houses,stores,companies,rents,etc..It yields you a good income through the capital appreciations as the year passes.But you need to pay taxes for the real estate investments.
It can produce income either through rents or capital appreciation or both.Real estate is always a booming place.where a person can invest money if he has hands-on-knowledge to maintain own property.

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