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Plummy Plums(6 months)

This european fruit is now widely available everywhere.Plums is loaded with huge amount of potassium which helps to regulate body blood pressure level of your baby.It prevents against heart disease.It helps to regulate baby bowel movements as its rich in fiber content.Lets see plums baby recipe


Ripe Plums or prunes


1.Select bright red plums which is ripened well for sweet taste.

2.Peel off the skin using a peeler

3.Cut into pieces and remove plums hard pit.

5.Allow to become tender and soft in steamer

4.Use a blender and make it puree and serve it with breastmilk.


1.You can boil whole plums in boiling water for 10 minutes

2.Peel off skin and make it puree and serve it for baby


1.If you got prunes then, soak a fistful of prunes in water whole night.

2.peel off the skin and take off the seed.

3.Blend prunes using blender

4.Mix it with breast milk or formula milk and serve for your baby as puree