Pregnancy Diet and Exercise for Fit Pregnancy

A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle always leads to a healthy don’t need to skip foods rather you should consume a wide variety of food items in everyday manner. Most common pregnancy symptom is food carvings which leads you to eat more food,but pick up the right food which gives you the right amount of nutrients for your body
here are the list of items which is highly included for a fit pregnancy diet

Fruits and Juices

Fruits plays an important role in pregnancy diet.Eat five to six portions of fruits as whole, dried, frozen or juiced.But make sure to add extra sugar while consuming fruits as it may lead to serious condition called gestational diabetes.Among 80% of pregnant women suffer from constipation due to the slow bowel movements. As fruits are enriched with fibre it helps you to digest easier and prevents constipation.
Vegetables and starchy Foods

Eating 4-5 portions of vegetables helps your body to get right amount of nutrients during pregnancy diet. Womens who suffer from swollen feet and ankles should intake water and fibre rich vegetables from gourd vegetable family.vegetables can be boiled,steamed and fried with less oil.Adding a portion of yams,potatoes,rice,pasta,oats,corn,millets,maize breakfast cereals,sweet potatoes,vegetable salads satisfy you by giving calories..


• eggs
• dried nuts
• poultry
• beans
• pulses
• fish
• lean meats without skin
• oil fish like salmon are enriched with omega 3 fatty acids which helps in baby brain development
While eating meats,poultry and egg make sure its cooked well.Never prefer outside items as it may be place for bacteria to grow.Always microwave before eating.

Dairy Products

• Curd
• Milk
• Yougurt
• Cheese
• Ghee
Are enriched with calcium.As everybody prefers natural birth or giving birth by vaginally ,ensure you intake low-fat varities.Including 2 portions helps you to get enough of calcium.Nowadays calcium supplement is provided in most of the hospitals to build baby bone development right from second trimester.

Foods that you should avoid or Intake Very Less

• Butter
• oils
• Fried chips and crisps
• ice cream
• chocolate
• biscuits
• pastries
• cake
• puddings
• sweet drinks
High fat and high calories sugary foods are not advisable to intake during pregnancy .Here are the list of items which you can try to avoid or eat very less amount once in a month. replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats cut down high risks. High sugar levels leads to gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. Both situation may be quiet hard to give natural birth.Read here to know more about how to give birth naturally?

Exercise To give natural birth

You may attend antenatal classes if you don’t have any pregnancy complications.

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