Know about Pregnancy Complications


Miscarriage is one amongst pregnancy complications.Its can be termed as the loss of pregnancy around 12 weeks.The wide reason behind this is due to the chromosomal abnormalities.Vaginal Spotting or Severe bleeding and abdominal pain are the main symptoms of miscarriage to happen.Most of the studies reveal that age,History of miscarriage,Alcohol ,Obesity and cervical problems are the reason for miscarriage to happen.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is when the egg gets fertilized outside of uterus as the fallopian tube is narrow or more tighter.This cause severe bleeding ,dizziness and unbearable pelvic pain.It may leads to death,as the growing embryo may rupture fallopian tube itself.Ending up the pregnancy is the only solution for ectopic pregnancy complication as there is no way a embryo can grow outside uterus.


Preeclampsia is a condition when there is protein in urine along with high blood pressure which occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy.Around 8 % of pregnancy is affected by preeclampsia.A high rate of preeclampsia found with first time mom,Carrying twin or multiples babies in womb and obesity women. Severe preeclampsia leads to severe abdominal pain,shortness of breath,nausea with protein in urine and high blood pressure.

It prevents baby to receive enough amount of blood leads to giving birth to low weight babies.Consuming less salt ,changing high protein fiber rich diet and intake plenty of fluids helps. If preeclampsia is detected at early stages then it can be treated and can give birth to a healthy baby.Many of the pregnancy complications can be treated well if identified in early stages of pregnancy

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