What Leads To Caesarean Delivery?

Some pregnancy always leads to caesarean delivery,Even though mother and baby is healthy without any complications.One amongst the condition is while giving birth to twin or multiples.Even the twin babies lie head down and healthy.There is very less chance to give birth naturally.As you may give birth naturally for the first twin baby.you may still end up with a caesarean delivery for the second twin baby.If a pregnant mother is suffering from gestational diabetes and placenta pervia,then chances of giving birth naturally is very less.

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes sometimes called as glucose intolerance as the body does not produce enough amount of insulin during pregnancy.Most of the pregnancy women undergoes a screening test to confirm if your urine contains sugar.Common symptoms of gestational diabetes include a trace of sugar present in urine, Frequent urination,Blurred vision and bladder infection.gestational diabetes can be treated if identified at 24 weeks of pregnancy via screening tests.It leads to overweight large baby,premature delivery and there is a high chance of caesarean delivery.women should take proper precautions against gestational diabetes to avoid type2 diabetes later in life.

Placenta previa

Placenta previa is a condition where the placenta lies very low in uterus by covering the cervix completely or partially.During Labour the cervix dilates and leads to the separation of placenta from uterine wall.Among 1 in 200 pregnancies is facing placenta pervia.The common symptoms including painless bleeding during the third trimester of pregnancy,breech postioned baby and premature contractions.Most of the previa pregnancy leads to caesarean delivery.In some worst cases women experiencing lot of bleeding are treated with immediate cesarean delivery regardless of the length of the pregnancy.Womens suffering with placenta previa should take alot of bed rest and need to avoid sexual intercourse

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