Your Baby Movement – First Kick in pregnancy

Second Trimester starts from week 13 to week 27.You can feel baby movement during second trimester.You may feel better with nausea and morning sickness.your belly is now more visible.You may start experiencing stretch marks and dark line running down the middle of stomach till vagina.If you feel faint you should get up slowly and lie down slowly.Avoid lying down on your back till birth.Try to sleep turn on to one side.


When i can feel ‘The most Exciting Baby Kicks’ ?

You may start feeling your baby movements when you are around 18 to 24 weeks pregnant.If you haven’t had baby before you may take time to recognize the flutters or the sensation of baby movement.The best baby movement can be sensed while you are sitting down or lying on bed at rest.This reassures you that your baby is doing good.As your baby grows ,you may feel more stronger kicks and movements more often in the third trimesters.If you notice any sudden changes in baby movement pattern then contact with midwife or hospital.


Your Body during Second Trimester

You may start loud snoring for the first time in your life.This happens due to the increase of the blood flow in the mucous membrane ( Lining of the nose).You may find difficult to sleep with your belly .Its not mandatory for your baby to sleep at the same time when you sleep.Rather your baby may stay active at night and sleep when you are awake.Using pregnancy pillows really helps to get good sleep. Headaches and sweeling feets are common symptoms.The puffiness can be avoided by eating fibre rich food ,staying active all the time ,drinking plenty of water  and doing a bit of exercise everyday.Read here more about weird symptoms of pregnancy during second trimester.

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