Weird symptoms of second trimester

During Second Trimester of pregnancy,You may start loud snoring for the first time in your life.This happens due to the increase of the blood flow in the mucous membrane ( Lining of the nose).You may find difficult to sleep with your belly .Its not mandatory for your baby to sleep at the same time when you sleep.Rather your baby may stay active at night and sleep when you are awake.Using pregnancy pillows really helps to get good sleep.

Headaches and sweeling feets are common symptoms.The puffiness can be avoided by eating fibre rich food ,staying active all the time ,drinking plenty of water and doing a bit of exercise everyday. Around 50% of pregnant women feels sore gums and may experience bleeding gums around or the end of second trimester.It should be treated with goggling with salt water otherwise it gets worsen and may lead to a place for germs to live .

Your Baby Development During Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

By the time your baby enters second trimester (week 17 ) weighs around 150g.The face looks much more like a human now.your baby may start move quiet a bit and may respond to loud environmental noises .If you have already a kid you may feel the sensation of baby movements by 18 weeks. your baby skin is covered with a white, greasy substance called vernix which helps to protect baby skin during the many weeks in the amniotic fluid.your body starts more hair as the hair loss slows down. Your body is halfway through the pregnancy.

By 21 weeks your baby body is covered with a very fine, soft hair called lanugo and it keeps the baby at the right temperature. The lanugo usually disappears before birth.You may see the lanugo present in premature babies .But once they reach 40 weeks it shed down automatically.your baby kidneys may start urinate now.
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Premature babies from second trimester

Baby born in and around 20-24 weeks are called premature babies as they likely to die if they are born during second trimester. They can only survive inside mother’s womb as their body is not fully developed. Most of the premature used to born during the end of second trimester are more prone to wide range of health problems, including breathing problems, difficulties in feeding and a high risk of infections.

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