Natural Birth Tips & How To Avoid Episiotomy ?

The most and the important thing to get delivered vaginally(natural birth) is that don’t get too much weight. A healthy weight gain is all that need for a fit pregnancy. Selecting a right health care who is completely into natural birth helps.Try to remain in home in the early labour stage.Once your active labour starts then rush up to hospital. check about the dilation of cervix .If it’s not opened then back to home.

Some women may experience prolonged labour. Labour can sometimes be slower than expected. If your contractions are not coming often enough regular and strong, or due to your baby position.your midwife may speed up labour by breaking waters or an oxytocin drip. others may deliver as quick as fast.All depends on body conditions along with baby positions.Every pregnancy is unique.

How to avoid episiotomy during delivery?

Episiotomy is generally referred as a cut in the muscular area between the anus and the vagina made before delivery to enlarge the vaginal opening.Here are few things you can do to avoid episiotomy while giving natural birth.From week 34 Start massaging your vaginal opening with oil.Which helps the muscle to stretches while the baby arrive.Place your finger in the vaginal opening around 2 cms inside and pull the muscle gently till you feel the muscle stretching.Doing this regularly helps to avoid episiotomy.

During the second stage or the active labour is the one when your cervix is 10 cms dilated your womb is opened for the baby to slide out and your contractions are more stronger and painful.You may need to push to give birth .Two or three longer push is much more effective than a single push by holding your breath.your midwife will guide you through this. Being upright allows baby to come out quickly due to gravity.never hold your breath for long periods as this may decreases the amount of oxygen available for your baby and your uterus.At this stage your baby is moving from the birth canal to the world .

If you already passed 40 weeks then you may start induce labour by having sex ,if you have no pregnancy complications.Try nipple stimulation, walking and some home remedies.If nothing worked consult midwife rightaway.

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