All about Taurus Zodiac Sign

Best Traits

People who born in the date range April 20 – May 20 fall under Taurus sign.They are powerful,reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible and stable.Taurus are surrounded by material pleasures.They love everything which looks good and beautiful in the world.As they are earthy signs, Taurus is always overprotective of loved ones in all situation. They are earn good money.They stick to their projects until it is successfully completed.Taurus natives are loyal.As the ruling planet is Venus they are good artist,excellent cook and entertainer.


Taurus sign tend to have a lot of weakness.They are Stubborn, possessive and uncompromising.They hate sudden and unwanted changes.They like Gardening, cooking, working with hands, music, romance and high quality clothes.They dislike to be get any kind of complications, insecurity of any kind and synthetic fabrics.Family and home is very important for Taurus people.You need to be very patient to get Taurus love.


The best love compatibility of Taurus are Cancer,Capricorn,Pisces.Taurus and Cancer natives share best ingrained need for creature comforts and shows interest in cultivating more serious relationship.They built to stand the test of time.Capricorn’s natural drive to succeed and money making zeal makes them a perfect match for security-loving, sensual Taurus.They lead a successful long-term relationships that stand for life time.Taurus and Pisces are great lovers of peace,art and beauty.They build a wonderful and harmonious relationship.The worst matches are Aquarius,Gemini and Sagittarius.

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