Virgo Zodiac Sign

Best Traits

People who born in the date range August 23 – September 22 fall under Virgo sign.They are Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking and practical.They pay deeper attention and have sense of humanity.They can organise things well even if its messed up.Virgo natives pick their career mostly in journalist and caregivers.They like to please and have keen minds,are delightful to chat with, often convincing others.


Virgo sign tend to have a lot of weakness.They are Shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others,short-tempered, impatient, self-serving,all work and no play.They will work together as a team well.They freely express options in all cases.Virgos are very dedicated and faithful and loyal towards partners.Virgo can be irritating to others as sometime Virgos tendency to be fussy, nit picky,everything around them and over-critical of everyone.


The best love compatibility of Virgo are Taurus,Cancer,Capricorn.Taurus and Virgo are wonderful astrology love match who tend to be more introverted.They prefer to stick close to home as opposed to going out frequently to socialise. Virgos Practical thinking and Cancer’s natural depth of emotion make a balanced relationship.Virgo and Capricorn are both hard-working, diligent who place importance on conservative living.It makes this union a harmonious one built out stand the rest of time.The worst matches are Gemini,Libra and Aries.

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